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Solvent Soluble Dyes

These dyes are solvent soluble organic metal complex dyes exhibiting brilliant shades and excellent properties. They are readily soluble in most organic solvents, specially in alcohols, esters, and ketones, making them suitable for use in metalized polyester film, and metal foil lacquers, and in gravure inks containing vinyl chloride copolymers and ester soluble nitrocellulose. All these dyes are fines powder and have long stability if stored properly in a dry place.

Principal Features

  • Excellent solubility in almost all kinds of organic solvents
  • Good compatibility with most resins
  • Brilliant shades
  • High resistance to acid, alkali, and heat
  • High light fastness
  • Absence of free heavy metal ions
  • Free from extenders and diluents
  • Long stability if stored properly


  • Printing Inks (Flexographic and Gravure Inks)
  • Surface Coating (Paints, Nitrocellulose lacquers, PVC lacquers, Acid-cured finishes, Amine-cured finishes, Peroxide-cured finishes, Stoving finishes, Polyurethane finishes)
  • Wood stains(coated with Peroxide-cured finish, Amine-cured finish, Acid-cured finish, Polyurethane finish)
  • Colouration of anodized aluminium.
  • Colouration of Leather.
  • Shoe polish
  • Plastics (Polyester resins, Cellulose nitrate, Cellulose acetate, Polymethylmethacrylate)
  • Office Requisites (Felt-tip marking inks, Ball pen inks)

 1  YELLOW R  Solvent Yellow.82
 2  YELLOW GL  Solvent Yellow.90
 3  YELLOW 5307 ( Greener )  Solvent Yellow.79
 4  YELLOW GLS  Proprietary
 5  YELLOW 2R  Solvent Orange.45
 6  YELLOW 2RLS  Solvent Yellow.62
 7  FAST YELLOW R  Solvent Yellow.21
 8  ORANGE G  Solvent Orange.56
 9  ORANGE RLSE  Solvent Orange.62
 10  ORANGE R  Solvent Orange.99
 11  ORANGE RL  Solvent Orange.58
 12  ORANGE 5330  Proprietary
 13  ORANGE RE  Solvent Orange.54
 14  PINK 5BLG  Solvent Red.127
 15  RED 2BL-M  Solvent Red.132
 16  RED B ( Yellower )  Solvent Red.122
 17  RED B ( Bluer )  Solvent Red.122
 18  RED B ( Greener )  Solvent Red.122
 19  RED BL  Solvent Red.160
 20  RED 2BLSE  Solvent Red.8
 21  FIRE RED G  Solvent Red.119
 22  FIRE RED GLS  Solvent Red.89
 23  RED 3BLS  Solvent Red.91
 24  MAROON  Proprietary
 25  DARK MAROON  Proprietary
 26  ROYAL BLUE  Proprietary
 27  BLUE 2GLN  Solvent Blue.48
 28  BLUE RS  Solvent Blue.45
 29  GREEN GL  Proprietary
 30  GREEN G  Proprietary
 31  GREEN BL  Proprietary
 32  DARK GREEN  Proprietary
 33  DEEP VIOLET  Proprietary
 34  VIOLET  Proprietary
 35  BROWN 2RL  Solvent Brown.43
 36  BROWN 2RM  Proprietary
 37  DARK BROWN 5R  Proprietary
 38  BLACK RE  Solvent Black.27
 39  BLACK RL  Solvent Black.29
 40  BLACK RLM  Proprietary
 41  BLACK B  Solvent Black.34
 42  BLACK RLSN  Solvent Black.45

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